Types of transactions you can do in a bank

Money can be transferred from one bank account to another in a variety of ways. To do the bank transaction, you must first do Bank Account Kholna in the right bank. Online money transfers are now the most straightforward way to send money effortlessly between banks, due to technological advancements. Banking transactions can be completed over the phone, or online in a variety of ways. Doing business is made simpler by a variety of payment procedures. Below, you can see the types of transactions you can do in the bank:

National electronic fund transfer

NEFT, also known as national electronic fund transfer, is one of the most used methods for sending money from one bank to another. With the help of the Bank Account Kholna, you can do all types of transactions, which is helpful these days. The most significant sum of money that can be transmitted is unrestricted. However, individual banks are permitted to impose a limit. Today many people are using this transaction and benefits in many ways.

Real Time Gross Settlement

RTGS is identical to NEFT, except for differences in the minimum payment limit and how the money is credited to another account. You should use this service if you need to send more than Rs. 2 lacks. Additionally, there is no upper limit maximum. The transaction takes 30 minutes to complete.

Immediate Payment Service

An instant fund transfer service that is available around the clock is known as IPS. A mix of NEFT and RTGS is another way to describe IMPS. The minimum cap on the transaction limit is chosen to be relatively low to combat fraud. The account holder’s IMPS ID and phone number are all you need to complete an IMPS transaction.

Unified Payments Interface

Another real-time payment system that supports transactions over VPA is the Unified Payment Interface. You only need your mobile number or UPI ID to transfer the money. You don’t need to provide any account information. A UPI transaction can be made at any time. The maximum amount for transactions via UPI is Rs. 1 lakh.


It applies to all banking activities, including cash withdrawal, payment transactions, Aadhaar to Aadhaar fund transfers, balance inquiries, etc. Aadhaar verification is used in this place for all transactions. In theory, you are not even required to physically visit the branch, present your debit or credit cards, or sign any paperwork. It will only function if the bank where you have an account has registered your Aadhaar number.

Banking cards

Banking cards are one of the most popular payment methods since they offer several features and advantages, including convenience and payment security. The fact that you may use these cards to make other types of digital payments on PoS devices is another benefit. Customers can make cashless payments by storing their card information in a digital wallet. 

Final words

From the above-discussed points, you know that banks are paying so many ways to do transactions. To do all the transactions mentioned above, it is vital to Khata Kholo. You can also do the transaction in the comfort of your home with the help of internet access.